Stephanie Ray Glass

As the creator of Practitioners, Stephanie Ray Glass is endlessly curious about people’s passions. When she’s not hosting Practitioners, she is an award winning actor and IT geek. Steph specializes in film/TV acting and has used a background in dance and martial arts to create dance and fight choreography for film. She also sings and dances solo and as part of various cabaret groups. Steph’s made a career organizing information in a digital atmosphere: She’s an IT Director and has a Masters in Library and Information Science (yes, she’s also a Librarian!).

Steph loves scifi/fantasy, geek culture, good food, karaoke, pop music, and cozy mysteries.



Sidney Gantt

Sidney Gantt is a Philadelphia based stand-up comedian, host of Sidekicks: The Comedy Gameshow, iconoclast, and father of three. While getting his degree in Economics from Lafayette College he also met the mother of his children, an engineer who keeps him grounded by being better than him at everything. Sidney uses the experiences from his chaotic upbringing, irreverent adulthood, and his gift of pattern recognition to inform his unique perspective and sense humor. Other than in comedy clubs, Sidney can be found daily in grocery stores, parks, and other public spaces fielding questions about his identical twin daughters and maniac son.



Simon The Cannibal

Simon “the Cannibal” Joseph has had a storied career, having played in the Sugar Bowl*, having jammed with Chicago**, and having played backgammon against a certain Nobel Laureate***. He is, among other things, the host of the much neglected podcast (The Vexillogicast), the co-boss of Philly Nerd Nite, and a scribbler of the occasional note (he sent his 250th letter in June 2016). He hosts board game nights at both Frankford Hall and South House and is always up for a drink and a discussion of the flaws in the US electoral system.

* Trumpet, with the Notre Dame Marching Band
** ibid.
*** Technically the opponent was a coworker who was being advised by said Laureate. He still won.